Centuries ago Eastern European bakers created a wonderful taste sensation: rolled dough filled with fruits, nuts, and exotic spices. The result was a light flaky pastry like no other. It was called “Rugulach”(rug-uh-la). Rugulach remained a regional specialty until 1987, when Ahmad & Emily Paksima started Chewys Rugulach in a small storefront bakery in San Diego. Adding flair and creativity to this traditional item, they perfected the recipe, creating the perfect balance of flavors, and set out to show the world the delights of rugulach. The result:

the world’s best rugulach, made by hand, under the highest standards, with carefully selected ingredients. A divinely sweet indulgence, Chewys Rugulach comes in 21 exquisite flavors. Chewys newest gourmet offering is the Hamentashen Specialty Cookie, made with the same care and attention as their gourmet rugulach. Hamentashen is a buttery shortbread cookie with a distinctive triangular shape. Their centers are filled with delectable fruit preserves in four delicious flavors.

Our Promise to you

We never compromise when it comes to quality. Only the finest ingredients are used in our gourmet Rugulach and Hamentashen. Pure sweet butter, the finest golden California walnuts, and premium and all-natural fruits are used in our bakery. You won’t find anything artificial in our products: no preservatives, no high-fructose corn syrup, no fillers, no additives, no artificial flavors or colors. We choose our food partners carefully, partnering with those who share our high standards and philosophy. From the fruit farm in the fertile soils of Oregon that supplies our preserves, to the dairy that supplies our butter and cream cheese, only the best and freshest ingredients are good enough for Chewys. Taste the difference today!

Yes, you do absolutely make the best rugulach in the western world. And probably the eastern world, too, for all I know. My colleagues in the newsroom looked like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy around the two baskets of goodies.” – Tom Blair, San Diego Union